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Newbie Galactic Combat II

Page: 1/51

Written by Ruatha, Tbontob and Capt RR

"-Sire", the colonel was always afraid when he approached the God Emperor Ruatha, you never knew what humour he'd have, sometimes it amused him to chop off heads before lunch.
"-Yes, What is it", Ruatha answered impatiently, wifting his tail high in the air.

"-The Sons of Thunder has asked for a trade, they want Ice colonization tech from us, they will give us plenty in return".
The Colonel had his tail pressed to the ground in the humiliating ritual that the God Emperor Ruatha demanded of all subjects that approached him.

"-What is the problem then, make the trade"

"-But, but.. We don't have Ice Tech, Sire"

"-Well, do they know that? If so why do they bother us, anyway they should be destroyed, kill them all!"

"-Sire, we're not at war with them, and they have a mighty fleet."

"-Not at war, we're always at war, with everyone, they just don't know it. We'll, don't kill them today then, but arrange the trade. And I want a spy report of their leaders face when he realizes he's been fooled!".

"-Instantly Sire", the colonel responded, withdrawing backwards, almost hurting with ache from not being able to show his claws in anger.

The colonel went immediately to the Free Council and reported the events.
The Free Council was outraged at this provocation that might cast the Weyrlings to war.
The Colonel accepted the task set upon him by the Free Council: To decline the trade and then take his own life, so that the God Emperor Ruatha wouldn't find out about the Free Council if he chose to torture the Colonel instead of plainly executing him, one never knew what mood the God Emperor might be in.

The war wouldn't start today at least, the Colonel thought as he slit his throat, watching the picture of his wife and children as the blood poured from the cut arteries.


The Free Council was in meeting.

"-We must do something, the God Emperor Ruatha is quite mad, and more and more of the population are showing symptoms of madness."

"-Yes, these symptoms have increased these past 200 years, ever since The One became dormant."

"-It must be awaken again!"

The Free Council was referring to the Weyrling Common consciousness that had ruled Weyrling society up to 200 years ago.
200 years ago the Weyrlings first made contact with an alien species.
Seeing that the alien individuality had made the aliens prosper and develop technology unknown to the Weyrlings. The One decided to transform Weyrling society to an individual one instead of a collective and went to sleep.
The decision had been a good decision initially, the Weyrling scientists, now unhindered by common goals and any need to listen to others started researching various areas, quickly gaining space travel capabilities.
But now the stress of being individuals started to show in Weyrling society, psychic illness, previous unknown was flourishing in the society. The feeling of loneliness was enormous.

"-Do we all agree?"

"-Aye" "-Yes" "-Of course"...
The vote was unanimous, the One must be brought back.

"-But how can it be done? None has any real influence on the One, the few of us can't wake it our self, I guess the whole population would have to concentrate to do it, and in the state many are now I don't think they would agree to it!"

"-There is another way! A scientific group has on the order of the God Emperor Ruatha been working on psychic weapons, they believe some of those weapons might be used to wake the One. But the God Emperor Ruatha has forbidden any further research in the area."

"-No, it must be continued. Can those scientists be trusted?"

"-Most of them yes, those who has travelled to far down insanity road has entered other projects, mostly doomsday weapon projects. But some still continue the psychic research in secrecy. One of them is my mate.", Said Marit the Warrior.

The Free Council issued a mission to Marit, wake the One by all means before was too late.

The war council was in full session.

Ministers and generals were poring over maps of star systems. The society was under assault by an implacable enemy and a solution had to be found to win the day.

Finally, a general stood up and declared he had a solution to the crises. In a loud stentorian voice he stated while pointing with his baton “We take our defensive forces from these four locations and bring them here”. Once our forces have joined, we make a massive push against our most hated enemy, break through into his system and push on to obliterate his home world.

Pandemonium erupted!

Yells and screams drowned out any further comments the general had to make.

“My wife and children live there!”

“It would mean as much as 10 billion dead if the enemy should decide to attack those areas from which we have withdrawn our forces.”

“My investments would be ruined!”

“The enemy could take this opportunity to drive on to our home planet and incinerate it!”

Amidst all this commotion, a courtier ran into the room and approached Zaxxon, the central speaker. Three times the courtier had to repeat himself before Zaxxon understood the import of the message.

It took 5 minutes to bring the meeting to order.

Zaxxon then stated that our esteemed intelligence service has uncovered that the “God emperor, Ruatha is mad!” Zaxxon went on to say “This is a heaven sent opportunity to eliminate a rival.”

The room went deathly silent as each person tried to put the information into some sort of perspective.

Finally, a small, reedy voice from the back of the room asked, “Where did our intelligence service get this information.”

Zaxxon: “Our espionage operator penetrated the inner circle of power of Ruatha’s homeworld.”

Reedy voice: “And where is Ruatha’s homeworld?”

Zaxxon: “We don’t know”

Reedy voice: “How can we eliminate a rival if we do not know where he is?”

Zaxxon yelled: “We’ll find out!!!!!!!!”

Reedy voice: “We have always been a nation of peace. What has Ruatha done to warrant us to want to eliminate him?”

Zaxxon starting to turn beet red, screamed: “He must have done something! No one is perfect!”

Reedy voice: “So you are suggesting we make war on a nation which may be inclined to be friendly with us, when we can barely defend ourselves against our present enemies?”

Everyone stared at Zaxxon as it started to sink in that Zaxxon mind may have become unhinged by the stress of the conflict.

Forbidden thoughts came to the surface of many in the room:the one who is mad may not be Ruatha but Zaxxon!

Zaxxon collapsed under the many thoughtful stares. And had to be carried out on a stretcher.


Avrel Kopre, Intelligence officer in the Divine Intelligence Service tried to blend into the background as he approached the throne.

"-Excuse me Oh graceful God Emperor" He managed to say.
The God Emperor Ruatha quickly turned around and stared at him
"- What?"
"- The empire of the CCCP demands that the exploration ship V'ger be withdrawn."
"- Demands???! This demands action! Call for the generals! Call for War!" The God Emperor Ruatha was working up into a frenzy.
"Kill them all!", turning to the guards he pointed at Avrel, "Chop his head off!".
Quickly the closest guard severed Avrils head from the body with a quick movement of his claws.
The head physician moved forward pressing the hypodermic injection probe towards Ruathas skin, Ruatha quickly slumped back into the throne.
"-KILL, Kill, kiiiiil l l ", he started snoring.

The Master of Ceremonies quickly raised his voice:
"- The God Emperor Ruathas Words has been fulfilled, the traitor is killed", he turned towards the Generals.
"Now, you fix this within the hour, report to me your decision and I'll put it to the God Emperor when he awakens, he is open for suggestions at those moments...."

The Divina Armed Forces Head Committe was in meating.
The discussion was short and concise, there was really no options.
Aliens could never be allowed to dictate Weyrling foreign policy, V'ger would go on.
A message was sent to the CCCP stating that more information was needed as to the meanings of the demands.
The Weyrling exploration forces had several times accepted alien requests to abstain from exploring their territories.
But this was something new, a race demaning that they stop exploration of another races territory, trying to stop other races from meeting and setting up peaceful treaties.
More information was needed, but the prospect of war was clearly felt in the room.
All efforts would be made to avoid it, but if it came, the Weyrlings would be ready!

Zaxxon gradually awoke to the murmuring of?

"The Zaxxoness has move to Estonile with the children and has?"

"to become unhinged by the war with the CCCP and?"

"I know the position of Central Speaker is an appointment for life, but there must be something that can be done when our leader goes batty as a fruitcake."

Opening his eyes, Zaxxon notices that he is in bed. Around him, small groups of nobles, ministers and military officers are talking is soft tones.

He motioned his friend, Eston to approach and asked about the talk about his wife.

Eston looked down at his feet and stumbled for words?

"Please Eston, tell me the truth!"

"Well, your wife left for Elstonile with the children and?"

"When I am unwell, she leaves on a trip?"

"Yes, she has relatives in the systems which the general wanted to withdraw forces from and?"

"Yes, yes"

"And well, uh she, uh, ahem, was offended that you did nothing to stop the discussion of removing the protective fleet in the system in which her parents reside."

"What! The meeting was in an uproar! We didn't even have the chance to discuss it"

"Well, ahem, she feels if you loved her, you would have done something to stop it. And since you did not, you could not love her."

Zaxxon groaned in pain and then asked. "What do you propose, my friend?"

"Well, I recommend you go after her and apologize to her on bended knee. And if necessary beg for her forgiveness."

"But Elstonile is in the opposite end of our society. It would take weeks to get there! And more weeks to return! What am I to do with the crises at hand?"

"Hmmm, that is a problem. If you leave, you will have abandoned your post as the central speaker. Abandoning a post in time of war is treason and you can be hung for it."


"Yet if you do not go to her, that will be proof to her that you do not love her."

"How can she do this to me?"

"Well, in her mind, love conquers all. So if you do not do battle to go to her, then you must not love her."

Zaxxon collapses back into the bed in shock.

Eston coughed, "Ahem, there is another matter. We have lost contact with our espionage officer in Ruatha?s court."

"How is that? I thought it was impossible to sever contact with an operative."

"We don't understand it. He had an undetectable organic transmitter in his neck connected to his brain stem. The only way to prevent Avrel Kopre from contacting us is to separate his head from his body."

Zaxxon mused, "This Ruatha is a formidable ruler of nations. No one has been able to detect our spies before and yet at a stroke he was able to ascertain who our spy was and do the one thing that would sever our contact with our spy. He must be a genius par excellence!"

"Yes, if we ever meet, we must be sure to give him many gifts to assuage any anger he may have towards us."

Zaxxan asks "And what of our war with our hated enemy?"

Eston replies "Nothing has changed. We are waiting for any instructions you wish to give."

The Weyrling Intelligence committee was in session.

“- I do believe this was the first wise decision Ruatha has ever made.
Do we have any means to detect these spying devices?”

“-No. It was pure luck. When Avrel Kopre’s remaining ashes were transferred to the box the device fell out.
The only way we have found to detect it is by seeing it or feeling it, and that is probably impossible when it’s in it’s proper place, which location in the body that is we still don’t know.
It’s a totally alien technology.”

“-Where does it come from?”

“-We haven’t the slightest clue! But the empires who are most suspicious right now is either the CCCP or the Sons of Thunder. We have recent intelligence analysis saying that those are the most threatening empires right now.
But we still don’t have enough data to blame anyone.”

“-I believe that there is a massive secret invasion force in our empire, fitted with these devices. Trying to infiltrate our governing structure.
We must put all officials and officers in the empire under surveillance.
We have the cooperation of the secret police and the military in this.
All personnel must move in groups of three , a military, an intelligence officer and a member of the secret police.
There will be a total curfew, around the clock.
All scientific research will be aimed at finding a way do detect these devices, we estimate that there might be millions or billions of them in the empire.”

The Weyrling society came to a halt.
A total curfew was enforced throughout the empire, anyone found outside unaccompanied by a military, an intelligence officer and a secret police was executed. The corpses were littering the streets. People were starving in the homes, food was being delivered but the logistic problems were staggering.
The people wasn’t happy!

The God Emperor Ruatha knew nothing of this, no one told him.
He still issued orders as usual, and as was more and more common these days most of them were ignored.

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Written by Ruatha, Tbontob and Capt RR

Copyright © by the author, posted with permission.

Published on: 2004-04-14 (77173 reads)

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