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Space Empires Volume 1: Space Empire

Page: 1/10

Written by Sabin

I have made a short "history" of a game of Space Empires IV Gold. The Star Trek Mod by Atrocities is in use, and I am using canon names, besides for the United Federation of Planets, which I have altered to be my own faction, the Space Empire.
I encourage that readers should review this product and attempt to produce advice that can improve the story.

Chapter I: The Space Empire
Stardate: 2400.00

In a star system, in a name-less galaxy, planets revolved around a single star, Sol. This system, called the Sol system, housed a single intelligent race, the Humans. These creatures were quite fascinating, for they had a long and complicated history, one that showed many extremes and balances, that showed that existence indeed had constants. Now, the balance has changed again, for this race has finally began it's first Reaching for the Stars, in a significant manner.

In the year of 2379.21, a recent war has ended, one that devastated the human race of that time. The war was one over two idealogical stances, both of which consisted of two opposite extremes. The larger, but unadvanced faction was one of religious origins, and goals. This faction wanted to maintain the power of religion, and finally had to go on a crusade against the world, for they were starting to lose their political and social importance.

The latter faction was composed of those who championed science and touted it benefits, despite what appeared to not be moralistic in the eyes of the religions of that world. They used genetic engineering, created democratic governments, disapproved of worship in a deity(s) that probably didn't exist, and refused the demands of the religions to scale back such operations.

These religions felt the need to fight, and played their hand with sabotage initially. Then it increased, as the world found out about what was happening. The religions now used more extreme tactics, using weapons of mass destruction. The world press fanned the flames, and the internet became segregated. The world quickly fell into war, and for many years, that was the status quo. Eventually, a third major faction appeared, one that consisted of monks. These monks integrated what they felt were the best aspects of the two factions, and discarded the less worthwhile ideas that both factions touted. In the end, this faction became powerful and overwhelmed the other two, and has become a world power. They are called the Masuterusu.

In the year of 2400.00, a recent technology, a technology that would allow the people of Earth to Reach for the Stars, was discovered. This technology, actually consisted of multiple technologies that formed a greater whole, in the form of a colonization ship. More specifically, the Colonizer MK.I-R, or a colonizer that can set up a small colony on a distant planet formed primarily of rock. This vessel was called the Saramisu. This vessel was quickly constructed by a new agency created by the Masuterusu. This name however, was quickly discarded and replaced by a far more impressive title, the Space Empire. This "empire" began to quickly expand the influence of the Masuterusu, by quickly colonizing a world called Vulcan. They found a minor race their by the same name, and the races quickly became allies, and eventually, one people. This little "empire" actually became a real one quite quickly, for they colonized the systems around Sol. They were the Draylax, Vulcan, Terra Nova, Tellar, Sirius, and finally, Alpha Centauri. However, some things changed during that time.

The most important was that the state of technology changed quickly, but in one area, so much so, that defenses were not considered important. Not one ship was equipped for war, there was only colony ships. Eventually, another race appeared before the Space Empire. They called themselves the Borg, and appeared to be quite dangerous. The Space Empire quickly made a non-agression treaty with the Borg, but within the next two months, the Borg broke the treaty. They did not attack, fortunately for the Space Empire. The Space Empire quickly created a new class of ship, the Saber MK.I, a warship that weighed in at 200 kilotons. Also, this ship was equipped with the latest weapons that the Space Empire had. The ship was quickly put to the test against a heavily armed Borg vessal. The Borg also declared war, and the Space Empire quickly took to defending their borders.

They begun construction of the new kind of vessal, and the first one appeared within two months, named the Enterprise. A Borg ship quickly appeared, and it was heavily armed, enough so to easily destroy the Enterprise, it seemed.

The video of the battle from the bridge crew of the Enterprise are recorded here, to show how the battle begun, and ended.

Captain of the Enterprise, Raynor: "This is the Enterprise, Space Command." "Target is within visual range, and closing in."
Space Command Admiral, Vivius: "Commence attack if they begin to advance or open fire."
Raynor: "Acknowledged, sir." Raynor picked up an intercom microphone, and alerted the crew on the ship to be ready for the battle. Weak, red lights activated, and speakers began crying "Red Alert, Red Alert, Red Alert..." The tension aboard the bridge of the ship was quite palpable.

The enemy vessel advanced quickly, despite it's large, round shape...too quickly, for it attacked first. The range was quite great between the two ships, and the resulting blow shook the ship greatly, and a nacelle of the vessal was destroyed, utterly and completely. Despite this, the Enterprise advanced and opened fire with the pair of phased energy cannons, which tore into the enemy's hull with great precision, destroying a critical part of it's propulsion system: The transwarp drive. The Enterprise retreated, but still got hit by an counter-attack, which destroyed the life-support system matrix and the hull integrity force-field, which prevented minor damage.

The Enterprise closed the distance again, and opened fire, which raked apart the sphere's great engines, and some of it's weaponry. Quite fortunate for the Enterprise, but the return fire still destoryed 95% of the ship, leaving the bridge, an engine, and a single cannon operating. The Enterprise managed to disable this foe with another attack. The enemy ship was now quite helpless, but the Enterprise still attacked regardless, until the sphere was little more than rubble in space. The Enterprise limped to Alpha Centauri II, and was given a hero's welcome for the crew.

As for the Borg...they did not bother the Space Empire much from that point, though threatening to attack Alpha Centauri. The Borg's colony ships were preyed upon by the Space Empire, utterly reducing the Borg's claim of colonizing those territories to nothing, for more Saber MK-I's were produced.

The economy of the Space Empire quickly expanded, and the science facilitys were beginning to become diverse, researching areas that had much to do with wars and economies. One major advance was the creation of the Monolith technology. It was expensive, but it can produce three kinds of critical resources for an empire, and it combined science with religious concepts, creating great pieces of art that also doubled as structures that produced resources. The economy began to shift towards this innovation quickly. Farms, Mines, and Radioactives Extraction facilities were disposed of, their usefulness now beginning to wane.

After all of those years, another race was encountered: Starfleet Command, a group of humanoids that were remarkable similar to the Humans. The two races quickly befriended each other, and soon they established treaties that benefited both of them, until they have finally made a military pact. This occurred the star-date of 2,413.05.

SUB-CHAPTER I: Of Population and Planets
2400.00 through 2431.05

The Earth was overpopulated when it first began it's expansion, and it was soon found that the masses of Earth can be transported in bulk to other planets. Soon, it became a requirement to ship the majority of the older generations to other planets, to expand operations. This led to a sexual revolution, due to that before, contraceptives and other methods of birth prevention were in much heavier use. The Earth now produces 2 megatons of human labor that is shipped to other planets. The Earth's population always recovered by 2 megatons per month. This was a good balance, for the additional labor was now well paid for doing the difficult work of colonizing and expanding the colonies, leading to an incredible boost in the economy. However, the rich could stay on Earth or go to an excellent planet to live on, provided they pay a hefty sum of resources.

These planets were usually quite comfortable places to live on, or had benefits that made of up for their hostility. Vulcan, for example, contains many libraries and other such hallmarks of intelligent work, despite the planet's intense heat and lack of water. A great place for wealthy scientists, and the Vulcan aliens were great at the art of discussion. Tellar, on the other hand, was a planet devoted to many activities that were generally looked upon with disdain by the general public: Gambling, wrestling, football, prostitution, videogame tournaments that featured devices that injures the losers of each match, and the Flight of Men, where the arena is a potential grounds for death, ranging from churches to abandoned grocery stores. This was all allowed because the matches were regulated by the government to be fair, and to actually give the players a good chance to surrender the chance for victory, in exchange for life. Tellar was quite profitable for the Space Empire, and because of this, all those seemingly immoral activities are allowed up to the present day.

Middle class civilians tended to have excellent lives, since there was so much work to do, that almost no one fell into poverty. The middle classes also had voting rights, for all persons, besides an age restriction set at 20 years old before a potential voter would be granted the ability. Also, the middle class had access to most educational programs and uncensored Internet connections. The poor also lead decent lives, since they had access to such abilities too, and they made enough funds to purchase decent dwellings. There were problems though: The poor did not recieve the benefits of law enforcement and fire assistance unless they paid an active fee. This was because the districts that contained poor urban areas usually had high rates of crimes and "accidents." This was costly to counter, and the poor had to pay for services though the proverbial nostril.

The transportation was done by primarily a single star-ship, the Automated Transport MK.I(Only one currently exists.)

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Written by Sabin

Copyright © by the author, posted with permission.

Published on: 2004-04-15 (20116 reads)

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