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The Hevordian Imperium
A New Era

Page: 1/18

Written by Ragnarok

Introduction, Part 1. 2283.3.

Qullum Gorgas was walking along one day on his way to work. He suddenly stops, his normally white eyes with a hint of yellow turn to a pure bright white, he falls to his hands and knees, and then he starts to scream. He can't stop screaming. He does everything in his power to try and stop that awful screeching in his head. He then falls to his side. He lays there for a good 10 to 15 minutes before it suddenly stops, and his eyes return to normal. He gets up, as if nothing ever happened to him. He continues his trip to work, not knowing that a single thing that just happened to him.

On his way home from work Qullum once again suddenly stops, again, falls to his hands and knees, and starts to scream in pain. He can't stop it. Cannot stop the...noise. There is absolutely nothing in his power he can do to stop it. Another 10 to 15 minutes pass, then, just as suddenly as it started, it stops. He gets up, completely oblivious as to what just happened to him, he continues on his journey home.

Qullum was sitting at home with his wife, Shearma, and his son, Qullum Jr., watching the evening news. "Welcome to tonight's broadcast of HevoraNews, I'm Zor'ka Mi'cle. The news piece of the hour is that the 5-year civil war between the Hevordah and the Hevordag is finally showing signs of coming to a close. It is unknown as to how this happened, though. The Hevordag were holding off the Hevordah people and actually pushing them back. But then, suddenly, the Hevordag just stopped fighting. It has been said, however, that if something happened to their Overlord, even if for a brief moment, that the Hevordag would crumble. So we can only assume that something has happened t...wha...this just in... it's now been brought to the attention from one of our reporters on location in Ho'og, where all the action is happening as we speak, that they have seen the Overlord of the Hevordag faction stepping outside his palace and just drop to his hands and knees, and then start screaming. He sat there for at least 15 minutes screaming at the top of his lungs, apparently he couldn't control it."

Then suddenly, Qullum too starts to scream. His wife panics, her skin goes from a normally purplish tent to a purple and green mix - this indicating fear, and worry. For the third time in one day he falls to his hands and knees and screams. No matter how hard he tries, he just cannot stop it. Not knowing what to do, Shearma grabs her communicator and calls the Emergency Room. They immediately teleport her husband to Emergency Unit 3 where they begin working on him.

"Nurse, what's his life signs?"

"Everything seems to be in check, his BP is slightly high, and his heart rate is high, but those signs are to be expected since he is after all screaming his lungs off."

"Hmmm, Ok... get the Cortical Stimulator; we'll see if this will at least stop his screaming for now. Then we can run some more tests."

Just as the nurse was handing the Doctor the Stimulator, Qullum suddenly stops screaming and awakens. Bewildered by the fact that he is in the Emergency Room he begins to ask questions.

"What the hell am I doing here? I was in my living room watching the evening news with my wife and son, and next thing I know I'm sitting here."

The Doctor thinks to himself, "What the hell?!"

"Sir, I'm afraid I don't have those answers for you. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell just happened here. Your wife called and said you were screaming your lungs off so we had you teleported here. I was just about to administer the Cortical Stimulator, when suddenly you stopped screaming and woke up."

"What do you mean I was screaming? I already told you, I was sitting in my living room with my wife and son, next thing I know I'm here. I feel fine, and with all due respect, I think I'd know if I was screaming or not."

"Well think what you want, but we have it all on the surveillance cameras if you want us to prove it to you."

"No, that won't be necessary. I suppose if my wife says that I was screaming that's enough for me."

"Ok, now if you don't mind we're going to run a few more test to try and figure out what exactly happened here."

"Alright, do whatever is necessary."

Somewhere else in the galaxy.

"Ok Massster, it has been done. Their Pssychic powerss are coming to the ssurface. It iss only a matter of time before thiss, Qullum, figuress out what iss the causse to all his problemss."

A tall dark sleek man steps out of the shadows, to a point where only his face his showing, he then says, "Very well. Then we shall see if the ancient texts are correct in saying that the Hevordah are the chosen ones to rule the galaxy."

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Written by Ragnarok

Copyright © by the author, posted with permission.

Published on: 2003-08-05 (32714 reads)

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