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The Icaran Empire (a late game story)

Page: 7/7

To Save the Empire.....death and honor.

Grand Admiral Thadius heard the alarms and klaxons as clearly as any of the other crewmen on board and he more then anyone knew that this situation could mean the very survival of the empire.

Only a few hours ago a fleet of 133 enemy starships burst through the Nizzorum defense perimiter and destroyed 8 Imperial starships before invading and capturing Nizzorum II and it's 100 million earthers.

After hours of running simulations around the system capital Thadius had no choice but to admit, if his fleet engaged the enemy they would all be destroyed leaving the Earth fleet to invade the Empire unchecked so he sent to command for assistance, the only kind of assistance possible. The first star killer class ship had been in production for a long time now and was just about complete and it was desperately needed in order to stop this enemy...but the 18 billion Humans in that system would not be allowed to be evacuated, after all his fleet could not engage the enemy and any transport fleet would surely be attacked and destroyed.
The Primus Imperium fleet, pride of the Royal navy the largest Icaran starfleet ever assembled could not be lost to such hopeless odds and thus the valiant men and women did the one thing they hoped never to have to do, they went through the warp point into another earth/icaran star system that they had begun invading only a few days before and set anchor around the closest world and waited for the signals that the nova had gone off.

Meanwhile in the Cephedri system a lone cruiser traveled through the warp point under cloak and began heading for the Cephedri, Nizzorum warp point which would be closed the moment it went through to prevent the enemy fleet from getting away.

Two days later the Earth fleet had taken over or destroyed most of the Nizzorum system and all hope of recovering that system were lost so the lone unmanned cruiser "Star killer" took up position around the single sun of the system...a few moments after it took orbit the crews of the Earth ships and the citizens on the worlds all saw a brilliant flash from within the sun followed by a red glow and a fireball that seemed to be growing to infinity...and then came a burning sphere of flame and death that turned the system to ash and turned the 133 enemy starships and their tens of thousands of crewmen into nothing more then twisted wreckage.

The empire had been preserved....yet at what cost?

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Written by Starhawk

Copyright © by the author, posted with permission.

Published on: 2004-07-04 (17318 reads)

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