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Total Eclipse (now v1.01)

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Space Emperor

Joined: Feb 22, 2006

PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2014 12:32 am    Post subject: Total Eclipse (now v1.01) Reply with quote

I've been using a personally-customized version of the Eclipse Mod for over seven years now. After some convincing from people on IRC, I decided I should release it.

Download it here. EDIT: Now also here, on

For a full list of things changed, consult changelog.txt. EDIT: Also quoted here:

changelog.txt wrote:
Version History:

-Converted all data files to work with the Templatizer for more consistency. A shitload of typos and grammatical errors fixed in the process; too many to be worth listing. Quite a few other bugs found and fixed in the process, which I will try to list below.
-Construction Bay V description inaccurately stated it had a minerals construction rate of 11000 when it was actually 15000; took this to be a mistake in the description rather than with the build rate.
-Structural Integrity Field II had the same mineral cost as the Structural Integrity Field I; bumped up to 125.
-Gave Potarite Reactor 50000 supply storage and Fighter Potarite Core 5000 supply storage; despite generating infinite supplies, certain things will refuse to work if your total supply storage isn't high enough (so Potarite-powered ships couldn't do some Stellar Manipulation, for instance).
-Removed drone-launching capability from the Unit Launchers since drones currently don't exist.
-Fighter Stardrive Engine was 2kT while every other fighter engine was 1kT; this made 2 Fighter Quasar Engines superior to a single Fighter Stardrive Engine, which was a little... odd.
-Sensor Jammer V description inaccurately stated it functioned as a long-range scanner jammer. It does not.
-Telepathic Illusion III-V were erroneously unlocked at level 2, at the same time as Telepathic Illusion II; now they unlock at their respective levels.
-Particle Beam V damage was inconsistent with the rest of the series; probably a typo.
-Small Neutron Shredder III was erroneously unlocked at level 5, at the same time as Small Neutron Shredder II; bumped to 9 to match the majority of small weapons with three levels.
-Positron Blaster X had a radioactives cost of 272 when it should have been 275.
-Small Positron Blaster II-III were unlocked at research levels 2 and 3; bumped to 5 and 9 to match the majority of small weapons with three levels.
-Plasma Beam IV damage was inconsistent with the rest of the series; probably a typo.
-Bioelectric Ray IX had a very slight damage inconsistency (5 less than it should have been at maximum range).
-Magma Beam description said it was similar to the core of a "star", which would be a plasma beam; changed to "planet".
-Flamethrower damage was slightly inconsistent; I decided not to try to fudge my damage function so that the numbers match the original, because some of the inconsistencies were probably typos anyway, and the rest just rounding off.
-Polaron Beam X cost 300 minerals when it should have cost 400.
-Warp Core III had a "Roman Numeral" of 2.
-Construction Matrix dropped to 1,000,000 resources per turn, in an attempt to reduce the likelyhood of accidentally clicking "one turn" on a unit causing a freeze (1,000,000/turn is still plenty to build almost anything in one turn).
-Dropped starting level for "Warp-Capability" and "Hyperdrive Theory" back down to 0 and added "Warp-Capability" to the Trek AIs' research files; should no longer get Star Wars or Star Trek technologies showing up in "expected results" if you don't actually meet the requirements.

Here is a list of things Total Eclipse changes from the original Eclipse Mod.
-"Theory" put into the name of most specialty techs, as I shifted dependancies "down a level" to a tech automatically researched upon starting the game with that racial tech, to remove the annoying "expected results" displaying specialty techs bug.
-Crew Quarters Boarding Defense ability reduced by 4 to recognize the built-in boarding defense of 4 for Crew Quarters.
-Gas giants reduced in size to merely 20% better than normal planets (so normal huge is 100, gas giant huge is 120, gas giant huge with subterranian is 180; as opposed to before, which was 300).
-Neutral culture now gives slight bonuses in all areas instead of being completely useless.
-Added new culture type: "Heavy Hitters"
-Added some types to DefaultDesignTypes.txt: "Flagship", "Research Ship", "Siege Platform", "Research Station", "Troop (Infantry)", and "Troop (Mechanized)".
-Nanobots now go up to level 5, as 7 was an odd ability amount to end with (progression is now 2-4-6-8-10).
-Nanobots size reduced to 1 kT. These are freaking NANITES we're talking about... they're not going to take up 5 kilotons. I figure the 1 kT is simply equipment needed to control them.
-Specialty Tech reactors all added to the main reactor upgrade tree so you can't, for example, stick on a prospace generator, a solid energy generator, a prismatic generator, a solar generator, etc. all on one ship (which you could before).
-Now that it can't be used to boost other reactors, the Prismatic Generator is fucking useless.
-Fixed annoying typo of Siege as "Seige".
-Siege Cannons I, II, and III reduced in power to 500, 1000, and 1500 damage, respectively.
-Removed +50 accuracy bonus from Siege Cannons, to reflect their description.
-Fixed Siege Cannon's TechArea.txt description, which was just a duplicate of Nova Cannon's description.
-Drones removed from tech tree entirely, since there's no point without ModMissiles.
-A few Settings.txt tweaks: Remote Mining no longer decreases asteroid value, the AI Computer Mega Evil Empire Score Percent was raised up to 500% (to match the AI Human Mega Evil Empire Score Percent), and the Default Number Of Units Per Player and Default Number Of Ships Per Player were increased to 20000 and 10000, respectively (mostly so I wouldn't have to click so much during game creation).
-Fixed certain techs that didn't provide anything upon researching them (Advanced Medicine tech 5, Espionage tech 3, Mines tech 4/5) by reducing maximum level (to 4, 2, and 3 respectively).
-Graviton Wake and Telekinetic Motivator bonuses reduced (to 1-2-3-4-5 and 2-5-8, respectively).
-Modified AI files to reflect changes in trait names.
-Fixed Endo Union dialogue (kept calling themselves the Ixaris Continuum).
-Same with the Sethulkra.
-Added Maximum Weapons Range strategy to Federation_AI_Strategies.txt for... some reason that I have long forgotten. I think it was throwing errors without it, possibly?
-Interceptor Missiles at level III and up (or II and up for the small variant) now have infinite range. Now they're truly interception missiles.
-Removed maintenance cost reduction from Tiny Carriers.
-Added Juggernaut to VehicleSize.txt, essentially replacing the Worldship, which has now been upgraded to twice its previous size.
-Flagship VehicleSize renamed "Superdreadnought", Baseship renamed "Monitor", Juggernaut renamed "Supermonitor". So I was reading some David Weber, so sue me. It makes sense.
-Worldship renamed "Juggernaut" again, made even bigger Worldship. Again. Now it's *almost* as big as the Worldship from the Expanded mod.
-Behemoth. BEHEMOTH. 60 MT behemoth (beating a dead horse is fun!) obtained via nanotech. Why? Er, because, that's why.
-Starships max level raised to 13 to allow some spread for these massive constructs.
-Added "stealth" variants of some ship sizes (Frigate, War Destroyer, Light Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser, Heavy Battlecruiser, Battleship) for those who go down the Cloaking Device + Scanner Jammer research tree as well as the normal Starship research. Good for Special Ops ships, but have increased maintenance costs.
-PD Cannon changed to require Energy Pulses, not Energy Beams.
-Removed the pointless "Transition Gate" tech and components.
-Moved "Expansion Project" to be after the Factory facilities in Facility.txt so that it would be the only one to show up with "hide obsolete" checked, while still upgrading into the factories.
-Changed Raider events to all use the Alert picture, so that the picture didn't give away what was going to happen beforehand.
-Ditto with planet insurrection and PlanetRevolts.
-Construction Matrix switched to 10,000,000 resources per turn instead of 0... it appears that glitch was fixed at some point as of 1.95 so it was preventing a planet from constructing, not allowing it to construct any ship instantly.
-Added the Nano-Construction Bay, which requires knowledge of Construction Matrix technology (as well as a level of Nanotechnology and maxed-out Remote Construction), but allows ships and shipyards to construct at a prodigious rate (of course, shipyards can't use the technology until it's fully researched, but larger space stations can use even the level 1 version).
-Renamed the Baseship Mount to Monitor Mount, and changed a couple descriptions, to remove the phrase "baseship" from anything shown to the player (since it was renamed "Monitor" quite a while back).
-Fixed a couple more typos; "Constuction" -> "Construction", "Miscellanious" -> "Miscellaneous"
-Changed fighter weaponry from "Point-Defense" to "Direct Fire"; sorry, Kevin, but I don't think it's worth it to make 99% of AI-controlled fighters do nothing but flee.
-Changed instances of "<blah> based" to "<blah>-based", and added a comma to the Siege Cannon description, because I am become Grammar, editor of descriptions.

A few things got added to the data files but aren't actually enabled:
-Prospace Field (Added to TechArea.txt and Components.txt)
-Potarite Field (Added to TechArea.txt)
-Telekinetic Field (Added to TechArea.txt)
-Temporal Field (Added to TechArea.txt)
-Nano-field (Added to TechArea.txt)
-Nano-armor (Added to TechArea.txt)

Like Eclipse Mod, Total Eclipse requires ImageMod and the Sound Pack.

If you have any balance suggestions or notice any buggy behavior, typos, or grammatical errors, let me know about it.

Last edited by MageKing17 on Wed Apr 01, 2015 3:57 pm; edited 2 times in total

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Joined: Nov 04, 2003
Location: Minnesota

PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2014 6:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You should give us a list of important changes in the OP still.

Co-Lead of the FrEee project an open-source Space Empires IV clone

Author of Invasion! for Space Empires IV

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Space Emperor

Joined: Feb 22, 2006

PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2014 2:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Combat_Wombat wrote:
You should give us a list of important changes in the OP still.

Fair point; quoted changelog.txt.

Since release, I've found a couple (minor) problems. One of which is that moving to a mod-folder-local Sound folder apparently means it can't find the Sound Pack (which is, to quote SJ, "bizarre and different from all the others"), which at least explains why the original Eclipse Mod stuck its custom interface sounds in the root Sounds folder. The other is that, despite Warp-Capability and Hyperdrive Theory requiring the Star Trek Crossover and Star Wars Crossover racial techs respectively, the fact that they have a Start Level of 1 is still causing phantom "expected results" to appear. I'll have to change their Start Level to 0 and add them to the AI research lists.

I'd like to make sure a 1.01 release isn't just for those two problems, however.

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Space Emperor

Joined: Jul 01, 2010
Location: Charleston WV

PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2014 6:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It seems like you were maybe restraining yourself a little in that changelog. Tell us how you really feel. Razz

Keep your point defense cannons charged... the Null Space Mod is now available.

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Space Emperor

Joined: Feb 22, 2006

PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2014 12:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Blackadder wrote:
It seems like you were maybe restraining yourself a little in that changelog. Tell us how you really feel. Razz

Actually, this is the edited version; the original file I turned into changelog.txt railed against the "Seige" typo for a lot longer. Razz

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Space Emperor

Joined: Feb 22, 2006

PostPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2015 3:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

After much laziness/business with other things, Total Eclipse 1.01 is finally here. Please, try it out and make sure it works for somebody other than myself.

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